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Happiness Delivered


So many cupcakes are just riding the edge of a fad, relying on their adorable appearance to cover up the fact that they’re dry, crumbly, and a little bit boring. At Cakes Today, we love making cupcakes because they give us the chance to hand-bake tiny cakes which not only look great, but are delicious as well!

Truly Unique and Truly Delicious

One of the best things about our hand-decorated cupcakes is that you can decide exactly how you want them to look. After choosing from a range of options (such as toppers and models, or our own unique designs), you’ll then have your customised food art hand-delivered to your door. The possibilities don’t stop there, either; each of our cupcakes is unique, and so are the flavours we offer. Whether your tastes tend towards the traditional or the daring, we have you covered, offering everything from vanilla, to red velvet, to truly unique flavours, like cinnamon and mandarin, or our famous ferrero rocher. These are cupcakes as they should be, whether as a grown-up indulgence or something to bring a sparkle to a child’s birthday party.

Fresh, Fast, and All Yours

We take pride in our handmade cupcakes, and with our same-day cake delivery you know you’ll get them when they’re at their very best. They also make a great same-day gift for a loved one, and you can take comfort in knowing that we take all dietary requirements seriously. Forget about dry, boring cupcakes; our unique creations are just as delicious as our regular cakes, and even more fun to look at - and to eat!

Cupcakes have the power to make us all feel like children again, and at Cakes Today we’re proud to know that we’re delivering happiness to people’s doors every single day. We guarantee that all of our cupcakes are hand-baked, hand-decorated, and hand-delivered, for a difference that you’ll be able to taste.