Sugar free cakes

What is Sugar Free? There are many reasons why people may decide to have reduced sugar or Sugar Free Cakes. Some people choose to limit their sugar intake so that they can enjoy the foods they normally eat whilst still allowing them to lose weight. Other people may reduce their sugar intake because they are being cautious about their dental care.

One of the most important reasons for people would be because they have Diabetes. People with Diabetes have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels. By limiting their sugar intake with artificial sweeteners, they can enjoy a varied diet while closely controlling their sugar intake. Here at Only Eggless we have undergone thorough research, training, and inspection to make sure that everyone’s specific needs are followed.

We have managed to source many ‘No Added Sugar’ and ‘Reduced Sugar’ ingredients whilst still delivering the great texture and taste of all our cakes. We really do put your health and safety first so that you can feel safe ordering from us. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the flavours you love, so please find yourself at home with our Sugar Free range of delicious cakes! Off course if you have any more questions, please do give us a call on 02071110110.

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