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Partyware/Party Accessories

There’s no question that a beautiful, handmade custome cakes can turn an average party into something truly special. Still, it’s difficult to pull off the spectacular celebration you’ve been dreaming of without decorations and accessories: all of those little touches which tell guests that it’s time to let loose and celebrate.

Luckily, we can easily pack some of these invaluable accoutrements along with your hand-baked cake, making planning the perfect party easy as pie with our same-day delivery. We stock candles so that nobody has to go without their birthday wish, balloons to delight both young and old party-goers, and much more. So whether you need to decorate for a fiesta, graduation, or a birthday, ordering through Cakes Today will save you time, money, and stress.

It’s also possible to send these extras along with your hand-decorated cake as a same-day gift; imagine your loved one opening their door to a complete party in a box (just add guests!). After all, we’re a company which deliver happiness first and foremost, so we take as much pride in the little extras as we do in our fresh, delicious cakes. Parties should be a time of pleasure, so stop worrying about the little things and let us help you out.