How to make cupcake sponge

For sometime now we have been London's premier shop for celebration cakes. And now with same day cake delivery in London our gorgeous, home-baked delights have been literally flying out. So what's new?

Our extensive, some would say grand selection of cupcakes are the very latest addition to the mix. But if you ever wanted to make your own then here is how to get started.

This is so simple it's silly. Everything required for the perfect cupcake sponge is some CakesToday chocolate sponge cake mix. You can also use our Vanilla mix in exactly the same way.

  1. Preheat a regular fan oven to somewhere between 180 and 200 degrees Celsius.
  2. Pour your cake mix into your favourite mixing bowl.
  3. Add exactly half the amount of water in ratio to the cake mix. (200g mix to 100 ml water)
  4. Start to whisk this at a slow speed for something close to three minutes.
  5. Watch until the mixture begins to gain a thicker consistency.
  6. As the mixture starts to thicken make sure all the powder is in the mix by scraping any from the sides of the bowl and gently turning the mixture to see if any dry, unmixed powder remains. All you are doing here is blending the water with the seemingly magic cupcake mix.
  7. When you are sure that every last bit of the chocolate cake mix is mixed in whisk the solution at a higher speed for about ten minutes until you get a really tasty looking, light and fluffy mixture.
  8. Now it is time to pour your mixture into your baking tin.
  9. Just pop the chocolate cupcake mixture into your pre-heated oven and you can take a well earned break.
  10. Cook for around 25 minutes and remove from the oven. You will see how easily, evenly and perfectly it rises.
  11. Next we want to check that it has been cooked just as perfectly. Simply slice a butter knife through the centre of the cake, from the top, and check that once you've pulled it out, there is no residual cake mixture on it. If there is, just put the cake back in the oven for a few more minutes.

That's it, easy! For more cake delights and information about how to have your cake and eat it with other special dietary requirements be sure to visit our blog.

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