• Best Selling Treats

    Introducing our best selling treats all in one place. First time buying from us, having a hard time choosing what to order - our best seller treats will settle the dilemma. These treats range from flavoursome cupcakes to our exciting dessert boats and doughnuts. CakesToday has the most enticing, mind-blowing treats to make your day special. 

    We are open from 8AM - 10PM, seven day a week, order now on our website or call us on 02071110110.

  • Cupcakes

    Perfect, cute treats to celebrate the big wins. Our creamy and delicate cupcakes can be topped with a choice between candy, chocolate, fruits, nuts or biscuits to get your ideal snack. We have cupcake platters with a wide range of flavoursome cupcakes fitting for a spontaneous afternoon tea party with loved ones. 

    Want to go all out? Have your cupcakes screaming ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ by adding a personalised edible image or a 2D topper on top, to glamorise your special occasion. 

    Order cupcakes today, open seven days a week, 8AM - 10PM.

  • Brownies & Letterbox Cakes

    Make someone's day with a delivery of delicious letterbox treats! Letterbox brownies, letterbox cake slices, letterbox cookies, letterbox traybakes and more! Whether you would like to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You, Sorry or even an I Miss You, say it with a delivered letterbox cake that is delivered in 24 hours, nationwide! 
    You can also personalise your delivery with edible photos, a printed message, a glitter topper, balloon toppers or even sparklers! The best part about letterbox delivery is that you can be at ease knowing that your special gift will be delivered safely through the letterbox whether the recipient is at home or not. 
    Additionally, we offer delivery all over the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales too. So what are you waiting for? Give us a ring on 0207 1110 110 and book your delivery. Book by 5 pm for next day delivery of your letterbox cake and letterbox treats. Vegan & Gluten-Free options are available too!
  • Doughnuts

    Cakes Today has the most lush doughnuts with a range of exotic flavours. We have the original ring doughnuts, jam doughnuts, white glazed doughnuts with a dash of sprinkles and many more. Now, I know every doughnut store in town serves this, but have you had pieces of fruit stuffed in your doughnut along with vanilla cream? I doubt it, try one today, it doesn't have to be fruit, can also be crushed pieces of oreos, ferrero rocher or kinder bueno chunks, lip-smackingly delicious. 

    We are open from 8AM - 10PM, seven day a week, order now on our website or call us on 02071110110. 

  • Cake Pots

    You can never have enough cake but why not try our range of perfect little treats. Cake Pots are just the right amount of cake and cream, with a range of fruit or chocolate choices, it could not get better than this. So whether you’re looking for little pots of joy for the kids or even a guilt-free treat for yourself, these are fitting for every sweet tooth. We provide same day delivery for our cake pot bundles to your doorstep in London and Greater London postcode. We can also offer free same delivery depending on your postcode.
  • Cake Truffles

    Presenting you with little drops of heaven! Crumbled cake bits blended with chocolate and then dipped in more chocolate to form the outer, melt-in-your-mouth layer. Sink your teeth into these beauties and we promise a fun and delicious trip for the tastebuds. Our range includes chocolate cake truffles, vanilla cake truffles, red velvet cake truffles, nutty cake truffles, Lotus biscoff cake truffles, cookies and cream cake truffles and so on. The best part about these little cake treats are that they can be delivered through your letterbox, making them the perfect little surprise for your loved one. 


    Our cake truffles are available for free delivery all over the UK. For FREE same-day delivery within London, place your orders by 8 pm and for free next day delivery give us a ring on 0207 1110 110 place your orders by 4 pm! 

  • Cake Pops

    Cake pops are little adorable lollipops made using cake bits mixed with delicious icing or chocolate and formed into cute little spheres before being coated with tempered chocolate and finally attached to a lollipop stick. These fun little treats are a great addition to any parties, kids and adults will both love these colourful chocolate covered bites.

    So whether you’re looking for a batch of colourful cake pops for a rainbow themed party or pink and blue cake pops for a gender reveal party, ring us and we can have them delivered to you today. We provide same day delivery for our cake pops, to your doorstep anywhere in London and Great London postcodes. We offer free delivery within a specific radius too.

    For additional information regarding our divine cake pops, feel free to ring us any day of the week between 8:00 am - 10:00 pm.  We guarantee that you’ll get just the indulgent treat you deserve.

  • Cakesicles

    Is it a cake? Is it a cake pop? Is it a popsicle? Well, presenting to you our new and delicious CAKESICLES! Delicious chocolate mixed with ganache, moulded and then dipped into melted chocolate. MmmmmmMmmmmm....

  • Cake Slices

    Having some guests over for tea? Planning a day out in the park with the kids? Or just love cake and want to treat yourself? Order from our range of cake slices to add a little sweetness to your day. All our cake slices are made fresh to order.
    Whether you’re looking for a slice of creamy cake topped with fruit, a wedge of decadent chocolate cake, or maybe a set of black and white forest cake slices, we do it all and more. All our cakes are handmade with love and with the finest ingredients sourced in the UK, to make sure you receive the best quality desserts. All you got to do is choose from our range of cake flavours and topping and we can have your cake slices delivered to you today. The minimum order for delivery is 6 slices of the same cake flavour.
    For additional information or to place your order, give us a call anytime between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. Craving a scrumptious piece of cake? Call now and we can have it at your doorstep in a couple of hours. We provide same day delivery anywhere in London and Greater London postcodes, we offer free delivery within a specific radius too.

  • Cheesecake Slices

    They say cheesecakes should be a breakfast food… and with our cheesecake slices, they really can be. We offer a range of flavours for you, from Cookies and Cream, Strawberry and even our new flavours like Lotus Biscoff and Millionaires Shortbread! The list goes on, so why wait to explore our range when you can order and get them to your door on the SAME DAY!

    We are available 8.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week with free same day delivery within London & Greater London! We offer the best range of cheesecake slices, when you choose us once you will not want to go anywhere else.

  • Afternoon Tea

    Everyone loves to indulge in a little afternoon tea treat. Gather your friends / family around the table, get out the finest china and enjoy time well spent. Whether you’re there for the sweet treat, or you want the perfectly brewed cup of tea, our afternoon tea box is perfect for both.

    Order today to get ready for your special celebration. We are available 8.00am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week with free same day delivery within London & Greater London.

  • Trifles

    A splendid splash of sweetness squeezed into a trifle. Our trifles are delicious desserts for our sweet ones packed with a vanilla or chocolate sponge at the base followed by a flavoured cream of your choice. Here comes the best part, custard is settled between the sponge and the cream for a feel of a traditional dessert. Our trifles can be topped with chocolate chunks and fresh fruits depending on your mood and believe me we have a trifle for every trouble. 

    Order your trifles online today, available for SAMEDAY delivery in London until 10PM.

  • Dessert Pots

    Had a heavy meal? Too full for dessert but desperately craving to squeeze one in, do not fear, our dessert pots are here! These little pots of heavens are filled with a vanilla or chocolate sponge, swirled with vanilla or chocolate cream and decorated with your choice from a range of fruits, chocolates, biscuits and nuts. Do not underestimate - they may be small, but they are the perfect call. 

    Order your Dessert Pots today, open seven days a week, 8AM - 10PM. 

  • Pretzels

    Cakes Today, a bakery that has everything, try our mouth-watering perfection for a delicious break in your day, but make sure to return back to reality. We have our simple, freshly baked pretzel dusted in sugar but for our chocolate lovers, we have something more! Our pretzels can be dipped or drizzled in milk or white chocolate  and topped with chocolate chunks, fruits and almonds.  

    Order your Perfect Pretzel online today, available for SAMEDAY delivery in London until 10PM. 


    Smuffle yourselves into our soft and light muffins. The perfect balance between a crumbly and soft texture. Our muffin boxes come in a pair, for you to share. Well, I do highly doubt it, once you try one of our chocolate chip muffins you will have no other choice then to leave none spare. Trust me, you take a bite, resisting the second one will be a hard fight. 

    We are open from 8AM - 10PM, seven day a week, order now on our website or call us on 

  • Gluten- Free Treats

    Introducing the new range of  treats in gluten free style, for the ones who prefer a healthier option but can not stay away from a treat . We are expanding our gluten free range and have introduced a few gluten free baked goods to tease your taste, you wouldn’t notice the difference. Don’t shy away from our delectable range of gluten free brownies, flapjacks and apple crumble bars because that’s one thing you’d definitely regret! 

    We are open from 8AM - 10PM, seven day a week, order now on our website or call us on 02071110110.

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