• Cream and Icing Cakes

    Our cakes are coated in our special confectionery cream, this is why our cream cakes are absolutely splendid. We’ll tell you the secret - the confectionery cream has a slightly sweet-tasting vanilla tint to it, to give our cakes that extra lavish finish. Slightly sweet is not enough, then upgrade to our luscious coating of buttercream for a sweeter cake for a sweet person. Ordering a cake for your kids or someone who just loves icing, I know I do, then upgrade to our sweetest coat of icing. Cakes Today caters to everyone, no matter their preference, simply because we would love to celebrate your business achievements. Free Corporate Delivery until 5 pm across London.

  • Novelty Cakes

    Design your cake around your business! Our magnificent bakers make the most unbelievable, jaw-dropping novelty cakes you will ever see. Novelty cakes can be catered to your cooperation, whatever you like, just tell us and we’ll create your vision for you in the form of a cake. Add specific details to your cake designs and choose your most desirable colours and flavours. Novelty cakes are personalised cakes made completely to the depths of your heart's desire and imagination. Call us on 02071110110 and speak to our celebration advisors, they are here to help from 8AM to 10 PM, seven days a week to order your business cakes.
  • Tin Cakes

    Our quirky range of cakes in a tin are the perfect thoughtful gesture for every occasion. A fluffy, freshly baked sponge with a layer of jam and buttery cream encased in a light icing. These tin cakes are a perfect gift for welcoming or appreciating your employees. What better way to be interrupted during work other than a tin cake made for you -guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. Add candles, cards, a glitter topper or a favourite photo on the cake itself! Order Today for Free Same Day Corporate Delivery until 5pm in London.*
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