Trending Cakes

Trending Cakes

From glossy mirror glazes, aesthetically pleasing ombre cakes, naughty naked cakes and cakes topped with a luxurious drip, we are bang on TREND.

Our experienced bakers are always looking to innovate with NEW trends sweeping the baking world. Often spearheading some of the trends ourselves, we take pride in our originality and make you gaze in wonderment at our ambitious creations. No one can accuse you of being basic when you order one of our trending cakes, because no one does it as well as we do.

Staying ahead of the curve is key to our innovative team. Developing new techniques, design and flavour combinations to really give you that WOW factor. So any occasion, no matter how big or small, can be as showstopping as our customers are!

Try some of our most trending flavours, like the delicate, but divine combination of Lemon & Elderflower, the sweet perfumed Rose & Pistachio cake, a sublime salted caramel cake guaranteed to make you salivate even after you’ve demolished it, and many more. We think they are absolutely scrumptious and we know YOU will too.

Traditional cakes are slowly making a comeback as the vintage aesthetic is trending. So if it’s a decadent Black Forest, a summer-y Lemon Drizzle or our honey specials, we can make that happen, whatever the occasion. Those cakes from our childhoods always hold a special place in our hearts, one bite of our comeback cakes and we are sure to awaken those precious memories.

Additionally to cater to our customers with vegan requirements, we have made sure that we have a delicious vegan range, including vegan chocolate cakes, vegan cupcakes and the classic vegan fresh fruit cakes.

All of our cakes are available for same day delivery. Since all of our cakes are bespoke, personalisation is available. Our dedicated team of Celebration advisors are here to help YOU find YOUR perfect cake match. 

For more information and further enquiries give us a call on 0207 1110 110

We are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week.

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