About Us

A handmade cake is one of the easiest ways to make someone’s face light up with happiness and surprise, which is the reason we do what we do here at Cakes Today. Built on a solid foundation of tradition, innovation, and service, we honour the work our family has done for generations by working hard to bring joy, wonder, and our delicious cakes to our customers. We’ve been told that we’re no ordinary cake shop, and it’s easy to see why.

A Love For Tradition: Why We Bake

For generations, our family has been baking marvellous cakes and creating delicious sweets and confectionary, dating back to our Great Grandfather in the 1940s. A man who was an inspiring role model to our whole family as well as his community, he had a firm belief in the importance of craftsmanship and the beauty of bringing happiness to the lives of those around him. He always believed that his work should not only benefit our family, but also the community he lived in, and strived to bring people together. In fact, one of his favourite things to do was to share a cake with passers-by, putting a smile on everyone’s faces and spreading joy in a sometimes difficult world.

Coming from a humble background, he knew that baking cakes could have two purposes: not only could they taste delicious, but they could also create memories and lighten spirits. Our Grandfather, his son, followed in his footsteps by becoming a supreme baker and establishing the creation of spectacular cakes as a true family tradition. We have now picked up the mixing bowl ourselves to continue this tradition, and our customers can tell how this small family business is run with a big, warm, welcoming heart.

An Eye For Innovation: How We Bake

When you order from us here at Cakes Today, you’re taking part in the merging of traditional, handcrafted technique with the ease and simplicity of online technology. We think of this website as our traditional storefront, and only wish we could somehow share the delicious smells wafting from our ovens each day!

The techniques we use have been passed down from generation to generation, with all of our bakers and decorators constantly learning, progressing, and sharing their new skills. In our little haven of indulgence, you’ll discover only the best quality cakes, lovingly hand-baked to perfection and hand-decorated by one of the largest teams of cake decorators in London. Whatever your budget or desires, we take pride in being able to hand-deliver the kind of cake you’ve been dreaming of - it’s a saying here that there isn’t a cake we can’t make, and we’re yet to have been proved wrong!,

We’ve worked hard to establish our reputation both here and internationally, a reputation which has been built on the quality of our ingredients and the professional care we put into the creation of every cake. We consider ourselves a company which delivers happiness first, and then a cake company, which shines through in everything we do.

Our Services

Of course, even the most delicious cake can become sad and stale if it’s left too long on the bakery shelf, which is why we take pride in our same-day delivery system. Our bespoke special occasion and celebration cakes are made to order within just 30 minutes, 7 days a week (till 10pm); within a few hours they are hand-delivered to your doorstep, or as a same-day gift, with free delivery in London. For a personalised, handmade cake which is delivered within hours of coming out of the oven, our unique services can’t be beat.

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