A day in London's premier egg free cake shop - Part II

More delicious egg free cake!

So, at about 11am I got offered a little rest from my "hard work" (which, by the way was nothing compared to the effort the OnlyEggless staff were putting into theirs). Of course, how could I refuse a chance to trial some scrumptious cake made completely without egg? I sat down and the friendly staff brought over an absolutely massive tray of goodies, ranging from the sweetest, fruitiest cake all the way up to the chocolatiest, most icing-smothered.

I must admit, I made myself look like a bit of a pig! Despite this, even I couldn't manage all of it, and it was just supposed to be sampling! My particular favourite was a slice (or two) of a simply wonderful Honeycomb Crunch Cheesecake. It tasted like something you would find at a posh restaurant! The delicious shortcake at the bottom combined with the creamy centre and the perfectly sprinkled honeycomb chunks on top created the ultimate recipe for an exquisite egg free cake.

Getting in the way some more

After filling myself up a little too much on scrumptious cake, I took a little more time to look around and observe the business of the chefs as they presented an orderliness and slick routine of that you would expect from a NASA space team about to launch a rocket! Whilst standing in doorways and gasping at the egg free perfection of their cakes, I was asked many times, politely, if I could step out of the way. It was kind of embarrassing actually, having only been on the premises for half a day, and already I was holding up the hard working "cake elves" and preventing them from doing their very important job, supplying you guys with amazing cake! One member of staff even kindly pointed out I had some chocolate crumbs on my face from my earlier gorge fest! (How embarrassing!).

At one point I was hurridley removed from a small, slightly hidden, almost secret area of the bakery. All I heard was some slightly muffled talk about egg free cupcakes. But that is another story.

Hitting the road for egg free cake delivery

Once decided that I'd got in the way enough, I was just on my way to leave, when somebody offered if I wanted to keep a delivery driver company whilst he rode across London delivering wonderful handmade cake to the amazing people who had bought them. I thought "Why not, what could possibly go wrong?" (Famous last words?) The driver was an incredibly jolly man who told me he enjoyed his job, and enjoyed the cake made without egg even more! We delivered a few cakes to some people and then when it came to the final cake, the Egg Free Chocolate Dream Cake, we were driving down a rather small road which could probably only fit one vehicle down.

The driver stopped next to a pathway which lead to the delivery destination, went round to the back of the van and got out the Cream Cake, all personally wrapped and boxed by the OnlyEggless team. He then proceeded to walk down the alleyway, completely oblivious to a patch of ice that was silently waiting for it's prey on the floor. You can probably guess what happened next. He slipped backwards and the cake flew into the air and seemed to hover momentarily before gravity claimed it and toppled towards the floor face down and... Landed almost comically straight on his face.

What a waste of cake! I began to worry about whether or not the customer would receive his cake, when the driver stood up, made a call back to the shop for another, and got back in the van, wiping his face, all the while laughing at his mishap.We drove back to the OnlyEggless store to collect our new, non-splatted Chocolate Dream Cake. Back in the van after delivery we laughed about the whole ordeal. 

Wondering if my adventure could  really be over I turned my back on OnlyEggless in Kenton Road, Harrow and headed home.

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